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Brazil (Federative Republic of Brazil)

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Christian Extremism, Intolerance and Resurgent Fundamentalism: 10. What is Creationism and Intelligent Design?

Pentecostal Protestant Christianity: 1. The Creation and Features of Pentecostal Christianity

Creationism and Intelligent Design: Christian Fundamentalism: 1. Introduction

Organized Coverups of Sexual Child Abuse by Priests, Clergy and Christian Institutions: 4.9. Other Locations

Evolution and the Unintelligent Design of Life: Inherited Traits, Genetic Dysfunction and Artificial Life: 6.2. Creationism and Intelligent Design

Animal Sacrifice and Blood Rituals in Traditional World Religions and in Satanism: 3.5. Animal Sacrifice has been a Traditional Element of Religions since Ancient Times

What Causes Religion and Superstitions?: 2.1. Performing Social Functions (Intro)

Secularisation Theory: Will Modern Society Reject Religion? What is Secularism?: 3. The Defiers of Secularisation

Traditional Religions and Abolition of the Slave Trade: 6.2. Quakers & Christians
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